Video Tour of City Block Redevelopment Carnation WA

Carnation City Block 

2.15AC. Zoned MU mixed use, apartments, 
senior housing, street level retail, condos, Duplexes and other uses.
(City is in review to down zone in order to allow more units per acre
they prefer less single family homes if possible.  

City Sewer, PSE Gas Electric, level.

450-foot frontage on HWY 203 in Carnation WA

Six tax parcels are set between East Eugene Street (to the north) 
Myrtle Street (to the south) McKinley Street (to the east) 
HWY 203 (to the West) in downtown Carnation WA. The City Post Office
is located across the street on McKinley street and East Eugene Street.

35ft height limit - I have estimated between 58-70 residential or senior
apts and up to 30K of retail could be constructed parking included.

We have not had a plan review building in order to review confirm parking or
other utility and city expenses.

120-residential lots to start construction this year next to fire station
near Tolt River.

50 sold in Carnation between 500K-800K over the last 24-months

Currently there are two houses with tenants month to month, two vacant homes and one vacant retail building (4334 Tolt Ave Carnation, WA 98014) and one vacant lot. We are in negotiations with one city owned lot to complete the entire
city block seen in the aerial video attached.

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